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Ben McInnes of Portable Pilot

Ben McInnes

Ben McInnes is a current licensed Marine Pilot and Master Mariner. Spending 12 years at sea serving with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary on a variety of platforms, Ben oversaw the transition from paper charts to ECDIS on two platforms as the Navigator and Bridge Team Manager, training his teams in the modern art of electronic fixing without GPS.

Most recently, experience has been gained as a Deputy Harbour Master and Pilot at Portsmouth CHA, overseeing the implementation of a combined PPU/AIS project, and as a key player in the implementation of the Port Marine Safety Code within the port.

With a passion for electronic navigation and implementation of new technologies, Ben is committed to ensuring your organisation can source technologies to improve safety in the pilotage environment whatever the budget.

Official UK sales partner for the following companies:


Pocket Mariner provide professional and economical port, ship and fleet management services and apps for Ports, Harbour Authorities, Fleet Managers and Shipping Agents.

Pocket Mariner also provide global real time AIS monitoring and surveillance for ships far out of reach of shore based AIS systems using our innovative Internet over Satellite AIS (iSAIS) service with 98% global coverage (using Inmarsat services).


SevenCs GmbH is a leading producer of software components for the maritime industry. Core product is the EC2007 ECDIS Kernel, used by OEMs worldwide to display digital charts and to provide navigational functions. In addition the company offers software tools for the production of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), for example the ENC Designer, ENC Analyzer, ENC Optimizer, etc.

Moreover, SevenCs has used its unrivalled knowledge of chart information display systems and digital chart production techniques to create a professional range of specialised navigational software such as ORCA Master, ORCA Navy, ORCA Pilot and CEACT. As the leading manufacturer for special purpose navigation software, many pilot associations have chosen SevenCs to supply their Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) software which can be connected to a server based safety management system.

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