AIS Services

Fleet and Port Watch provides real time AIS feeds, VHF Voice channel monitoring, alerts, historic event information and ship movement, and voice traffic playback for all the ships in your fleet or port, both around port and coastal areas using our network of AIS shore stations, to anywhere across the globe using our isAIS system.

Alerts include area entry, exit and crossing (GeoFences), directional traversal across boundaries and status alerts (arrivals and departures). Playback allows you to replay all shipping movements in your area second by second from any time in the past to assist with event investigation, demurrage reduction, resource utilisation, market research, training etc. AIS feeds can be used to power navigation systems such as those on Portable Pilot Units (PPUs) and other monitoring equipment.

Ships, alerts and playback are easily configured, managed and viewed using a dedicated and secure Fleet Watch web interface.

Fleet and Port Watch monitors and records live ship positions via our local and global AIS services and when an event is triggered, forwards an alert via email. The alert email includes details on the alert including maps of the alert area and ships around the ship's current position. These maps can also be viewed via the web interface in 2D and 3D.

Contact us for more details, or to discuss any tailor made AIS services that we can develop.

Live AIS map - Solent region

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