ORCA Master G2

ORCA Master G2

ORCA Master G2 is professional touchscreen software for safe marine navigation.

It meets all IMO standards and requirements for operation in a demanding environment. The software is backward compatible and also supports keyboard/trackball operation. With the integrated S-mode even inexperienced and untrained users can get quick access to all relevant navigational information with just one click. ORCA Master G2 is the first truly intuitive navigation software.

ORCA Master G2 is a high-end ECS application specially developed for touchscreen operation. It offers all functions required in a type approved navigation system but remains intuitive in its usability. ORCA Master G2 can be used as an ECS for offshore, inshore and inland operation.

OEM Versions / ECDIS

The product can be provided as software only, customized to OEM partners' requirements and in a package together with IEC conform hardware and type approval. OEM partners may use the ORCA Master G2 software very well for their ECDIS projects, saving development costs and minimizing challenges involving testing and type approval.

If you are interested in making a purchase or would like a demonstration, please get in touch.


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