ORCA Pilot G2

ORCA Pilot G2

ORCA Pilot G2 is a modern navigation software specially developed for touch screen operation.

ORCA Pilot G2 works as a stand-alone system but also easily integrates server-based operational information, which is a major contribution to pilotage safety management and naviga- tion. Accessibility of documents, use of live data and integration with precise navigation sensors are key elements to improve safety and efficiency.

This seamless approach even allows pilot organizations to exchange vessel information during the handover from one area of responsibility to another. It helps preventing accidents by informing the succeeding pilot about defective equipment or other noteworthy situations before boarding.

We know every pilot organization has specific needs. That is why we believe in scalable solutions which offer you the most flexibility in finding your perfect setup.

Tailor-made digital charts

Safety of navigation also depends on accurate data. SevenCs can create and maintain tailor made high precision charts for your areas of operation.


ORCA Pilot G2 software can be connected to a variety of sensors and is not limited to the supply of specific brands.

If you are interested in making a purchase or would like a demonstration, please get in touch.


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